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08/15/2015 – Weekly Update #2: Trials

Weekly Update #2


#Sunrise One: Th-re’s n–ing —t..

#Control: Sunrise One, Please Repeat?

#Sunrise One: — — The facility — gone. — sign — life. —- debris.

#Control: Sunrise One, you’re breaking up. Say again?

#Sunrise One: *static*

#Control: Sunrise One, do you copy? Sunr——-*static*

  • Final communication logs from Aloha Sunrise; a rescue vessel sent to investigate a loss of contact with research facility Neptune Sierra, located in high Neptune Orbit. 06/15/2098

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New Website!


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Hey All!
We’ve taken down the old website due to some database errors. This is the new website and will be updated over the course of the next week!

We look forward to providing you with all of the latest news and information.

Thanks for joining us.

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