08/15/2015 – Weekly Update #2: Trials

Weekly Update #2


#Sunrise One: Th-re’s n–ing —t..

#Control: Sunrise One, Please Repeat?

#Sunrise One: — — The facility — gone. — sign — life. —- debris.

#Control: Sunrise One, you’re breaking up. Say again?

#Sunrise One: *static*

#Control: Sunrise One, do you copy? Sunr——-*static*

  • Final communication logs from Aloha Sunrise; a rescue vessel sent to investigate a loss of contact with research facility Neptune Sierra, located in high Neptune Orbit. 06/15/2098


This is a shorter weekly update than the last one but by no means is it lacking content.

  • The T.I.T.A.N. 2100 Encyclopedia is on sale right now. The PDF is $9.99USD and the Hardcover is $39.99USD (You can get the PDF for 4.99 with the Hardcover also!). These can be found @ http://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/131621/TITAN-2100-Encyclopedia?site=&manufacturers_id=6612
  • A 3D Printer has been ordered for creating prototypes of the models! This is going to make a world of difference for some of the upcoming products.

    Jimmy Model
    Jimmy Model
  • I have received a draft for the first part of the Black Veil story! It’s looking pretty good so far. Next week maybe we can throw up an excerpt from that.
  • We are preparing to launch a Kickstarter in September (hopefully) for the Code 13 RPG System & T.I.T.A.N. 2100 RPG.


Melinda Aurelia
Melinda Aurelia

So what’s this joke you’ve been dying to tell me in person Jack?” Melinda did not seem amused as she crossed her arms over her chest, perfectly manicured eyebrows raised skyward as she watched the man.

A Kirax, Centaurian and a Bovi walk into a bar. They order some drinks.” Jack reached up to smooth his greasy hair, slicking it back a little to try and impress the woman, “They’re having a great time. A terran walks in, says boo and they all run scared.

The faintest hints of a smile crossed Melinda’s features and she shook her head, “I was hoping for something funnier than the truth.” She was surprised that Jack of all people would have been a part of the resistance; she had always pegged him for a bit of a xenophobe.

The truth is, we need to do something about all of this. Right the wrongs we committed in the service. You’re going to the meeting right?” Jack reached into his jacket and removed a cigarette before lighting it. Even this far into the future, bad habits couldn’t be kicked.

Of course. That’s why I’m here. Why don’t we go together?” Melinda offered her arm to Jack, feeling closer to the man than she had in years. They had remained ‘friends’ after the divorce, but things had always felt weird.

As they arrived at the meeting, Melinda realized too late that she had never told Jack she was part of the Resistance or even dropped a hint. There was no time to warn the others, Jack was about to shoot her before they could even enter the building.

The windows shattered and gunfire erupted in the middle of the gathering as Terran Imperial soldiers began a wholesale slaughter of the buildings occupants. Cries for mercy were ignored. Pleas for help were silenced brutally.

  • Story excerpt from Shattered Future.


The above excerpt is part of a larger story tied into the Shattered Future universe we previewed briefly in the last update. We’ll have more on this in the next weekly update!

For now, here’s a little bit of information on three of the alien races mentioned:

  • Bovi: Bovi are a species of aliens that outwardly resemble bovines of Earth and are called ‘Bovi’ in a derogatory manner by Terrans and by extension, other species. They are an extremely peaceful race that has dwindled to the point of extinction thanks to Terrans.
  • Centaurian: Centaurians are believed to have been the legacy of a forgotten experiment in ages long past, rather than a race that evolved naturally. They have varied appearances and features, but true to their Terran name; commonly have the lower body of a 4 legged animal and a ‘humanoid’ upper body. Due to their strange genetic properties and ‘chimeric’ DNA, anything is possible.
  • Kirax: The Kirax are a hive-mind race best likened to insects, while they have a hive mind; they do have individual personality and expressiveness. Most of them are extremely efficient workers and hive groups are often hired to undertake massive projects. Many Kirax are exploited daily by Terrans.
Terran Royal Guardsman, 13th Regiment.
Terran Royal Guardsman, 13th Regiment.

What about the Terrans? Who are they?

  • They’re us. Humans. From Terra (Earth). They control a significant portion of the ‘known’ regions of space that are inhabited and have brought many alien species under their Dominion.
  • In a time before the present day of Shattered Future, humans worked with other alien races to help topple an ancient interstellar Empire that had ruled over portions of the galaxy for thousands of years. The Terrans all too quickly took the place of those they had helped to overthrow.
Terran Civilian (Shattered Future)
Terran Civilian (Shattered Future)

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for more!

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