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New Announcement

It’s been a quiet year.

I apologize for that.

Some of you who visit this site contact me regularly asking for updates.

I can assure you the T.I.T.A.N. 2100 RPG is still coming. I’ve had some issues with layout and losing some files that took me quite some time to find.

We also have a new project coming, Age of Infinity.


Stay tuned.


– Will

08/15/2015 – Weekly Update #2: Trials

Weekly Update #2


#Sunrise One: Th-re’s n–ing —t..

#Control: Sunrise One, Please Repeat?

#Sunrise One: — — The facility — gone. — sign — life. —- debris.

#Control: Sunrise One, you’re breaking up. Say again?

#Sunrise One: *static*

#Control: Sunrise One, do you copy? Sunr——-*static*

  • Final communication logs from Aloha Sunrise; a rescue vessel sent to investigate a loss of contact with research facility Neptune Sierra, located in high Neptune Orbit. 06/15/2098

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